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it’s all downhill from here

Written by Kate on July 11th, 2005

As a cross-country cyclist, I constantly dance between two worlds. On a daily basis I share the road with air-conditioned gas-guzzling monster vehicles. I ride through towns with stores and newspapers and internet access and gourmet restaurants. But while I’m exposed to all these modern frills and ameneties, I’m just a vagabond who sleeps in a tent, doesn’t shower, and spends most of her waking hours pedaling a bike. It’s a weird, hybrid sort of existence, where I’m neither isolated nor immersed in society or the wilderness. Instead I’m a perpetual fencesitter with one leg touching on the cultivated field of civilization and the other leg dangling in wild, overgrown, wonderfully neglected weeds.

I have to admit I prefer weeds to neatly trimmed grass. So when I met a Continental Divide Trail thru-hiker yesterday on the high point (elevation-wise) of this trip – an 11,500 ft pass in the Colorado Rockies – and he told me about the dramatic isolation and profound peace he’s encountered on his trek so far, I felt a pang of envy. As he hiked away after our conversation, I was sorely tempted to follow him, to trade in the concrete and traffic and entire eastern segment of the bike trip for the twisted trail leading over wind-whipped mountains all the way to Canada. I fear that the incredible beauty and remoteness of Nevada and Utah have spoiled me for the rest of the country; even Colorado seems urban and bustling by comparison, and the roads will just get busier from here to the east coast.

I’m in Salida, Colorado right now, and if I must pass through towns, I wish there were more like this one – snuggled between mountains, it’s an outdoors-obsessed, artsy, cultured haven populated by incredibly generous people. I rolled into town yesterday afternoon and in the span of an hour, three total strangers had offered me a place to crash. I ended up staying with a bunch of college-age kids working at a wilderness adventure camp, and I was treated to food, a shower, a sofa-bed sleep, and – this morning – a whitewater rafting trip down the Arkansas river. It felt wonderful to be pumping arms rather than grinding legs for a stretch, to feel the refreshing bite of water rather than the pulsing stab of the sun. This rafting adventure perfectly illustrates why I prefer cycling solo or in a small group, why I split from Brian’s biking crew. Traveling as part of a 9-person mob – while undeniably fun for a while – was really prohibitive to having these sorts of random, serendipitous experiences.

Now as I head into the flatlands of Kansas, I’m bracing myself for a totally different game. The eastern half will present a unique slew of challenges, more mental than physical in nature. That same CDT thru-hiker had some advice for long, dull, boring stretches of any trip: “Find the beauty.” It’s a good mantra, and as I leave the spectacular west behind, I’m determined to ride and live by it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    First off, thanks for being friends with my former house. Second, I always wanted to have a long talk about Carl Segan with you (and when I say talk, I mean you just giving me a lecture). Third, have you ever read The Monkey Wrench Gang? One of my OB instructors said I had to read it, and I never got to it. I was too busy trying to finish Look Homeward, Angel. Fourth, when you say you’re coming through the Apps, is that the Southern Apps of Western NC? If it is, you gots to let me know. I’ll shoot you an email but I wanted to say yo quick.

    Thank goodness for facebook

  2. J-kash says:

    Kate-o, Ipod on its way – keep trekking it, the horizon’s just up ahead.

  3. David Harris @ U of G says:

    KATE! bew blog coming up. Not much new with me, cant wait til University starts again. challenging my mind, living in a house, parties, beer, friends and girls! Dave’s recipe for happiness! Keep up the biking and remember, everytime I bike to work from 3:45 pm to 4:05 pm I think about you biking as well, and wish I was doing what you are doing rather than going to a factory.

  4. Dawn Lazarus says:

    Dear kate!
    Your title is very interesting…

    just remember that sometimes downhill slope can give you a great momentum and eventually help you reaching the top of the next hill…

    Have a great journey



  5. Anonymous says:

    If you go through Lawrence, KS find Pyramid Pizza. It is on 701 W. 9th St, and underneath a bar called The Wheel. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Krista of PHAB fame says:

    KATE!! It’s Krista from PHAB! (aka stranger #1 in Salida) haha I just got ure postcard. I had given u my home addy in Illinois, and I was home for the first time since the summer so sorry for not getting back to u till now. Anyways I love the blog! I’m so glad u made it back! How’d the DVD come out? u done editing the thing yet? lol I’ll honestly pay ya for a copy… u’ve seen things others could only dream of! (or cheatingly watch in the comfort of their room ;-P) You can mail me at and someone said something about the facebook, so i’ll go see if i can stalk u there! haha
    peace out girl!

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